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3rd Annual

February 6th, 2021





 9am to 9pm 

 NerdFaire is a mini con for ALL THE THINGS 
 Nerdy and Geeky! Our focus is on supporting local 
 shops, businesses, and handmade items, in 
 addition to creating community for all of Nerdery 
 and Geekdom. We are an LGBTQIA, Family, and 
 Kid friendly event.

We are preparing for our 2022 event on February 5th, and hope to put on a show that is just as fun as the past 2. Expect gaming, panels, activities for the littles, shopping, and nerdy entertainment. Any tickets purchased for our 2021 event will be rolled over to 2022. You may also request a refund through Eventbrite or by emailing us directly at

The only place you should ever buy tickets is through our Eventbrite page linked directly from our website or Official Facebook Page.

Due to SarsCov2 (Covid19) we will be preparing to take extra precautions for the health and safety of everyone involved in our 2022 event. We will be taking a science first approach and following the science and information provided by scientists, virologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, and the most up to date research come the day of our event. As I write this the new variants of concern world wide are primarily affecting those that are unvaccinated, children included. As our event is a Family and child friendly event we need to keep them as well as those who cannot get a vaccine due to legitimate medical reasons in mind when taking precautions. NerdFaire 2022 will likely be a masked event for all in attendance with incentives for those who are vaccinated and possibly even vaccine requirements of some kind.

VENDORS: We are updating our applications for 2022. If you applied for 2021 we will be processing those applications first. Keep an eye here for the applications to go live to the public. We always require an application to be filled out and do most of our correspondence through You will always get an invoice from our official NerdFaire Paypal account requesting payment. We do not take payment in any other way. If you do get a Facebook or Instagram message it will be from our NerdFaire page or from Sarah Mustain, Owner and Operator of NerdFaireCon. If you are contacted in any other way, it is a scam. Please contact us directly before paying anyone ever if you are unsure. 

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